Roku comes from a Japanese word and it is one of the leading streaming players that allow users to watch TV or favorite TV shows with an internet connection. With it, you can watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO Go, Youtube, Hulu Plus, Spotify, and many more. But sometimes you may user face various type of troubles such as unable to get Roku activation code, unable to find Roku activation link (roku.com/link), problem in activating Roku streaming player using Roku com Link and many other. If  you have any trouble related to Roku and need help, then don’t hesitate directly dial our toll-free number, our experts will assist you in a step by step manner

We have a team of Roku experts or professionals who have many year experiences or knowledge solving any kind of  Roku device related issues. And they are here 24/7 ready to provides assistance. So for any kind of Roku device related issues, you can call us anytime and ask any kind of Query or question.

www.roku.com/link – Setup & Activate Roku streaming device

  • First, connect your Roku device with the internet
  • Once your device is connected to the internet to the internet, then download the new software
  • Then not link code or activation code displayed on your device
  • After getting link code  visit roku.com/link in your devices such as a laptop, desktop or Mobile
  • Then enter your activation code and click on submit
  • After that log in your existing account or create a new account, while creating an account add payment method that can help you to purchase a subscription
  • After completing the activation process you can enjoy streaming

After following these steps if you are still unable to Activate your Roku device and need human assistance, then immediately contact our Roku experts to get instant assistance. They will help you politely without wasting too much valuable time.

Some Common Issue which can be handled by Experts

  • Problen in registering Roku account.
  • Issue while connecting Roku with a wireless device.
  • A problem in setting up a new Roku player with your LED, LCD, and HD TV.
  • A Roku name, as well as logo, is jumping on TV screen.
  • Unable to connect to the Internet.
  • Roku error 011, 001,013,014
  • Error while activating your Roku
  • Netflix error
  • Netflix error.
  • Unable to play games on Roku.
  • Unable to play Facebook.
  • Problem in upgrading all software of Roku player.
  • A power light is not blinking properly on the Roku player.
  • Netflix showing a black screen.
  • Access of Roku and Netflix on I pod and Ipad.
  • Problem with Roku remote.

All above Roku issues can be solved under a one roof by high qualified and experienced professionals, we are an independent service provide for Roku technical support and help.If you have to face any technical issue related Roku then you can call to our toll free number +1-844 -573-0162 and fix all issues.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How it Work Roku?

Roku plugs into your TV using HDMI Cable, connect from your TV to the Roku Device. You can connect through the internet via wired or wireless connection to your home network.

A customer wants to download the videos from the internet, and then watch on your TV. You can watch another thing like installing apps from the Play store on a smartphone or laptop and watch unlimited entertainment media. Roku Com gives the power to decide what shows you want to watch.

What is Roku Ultra Specifications?

It comes with the Roku Advanced Remote with batteries, headphones for private listening, Power Adapter, and a USB cable. There are following Roku Ultra Specifications. These are as follow.

  • l IR receiver for universal remotes.
  • l Audio pass-through via HDMI.
  • l MicroSD card slot for additional channel storage.
  • l Night listening mode.
  • l 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.
  • l 720p, 1080p, and 4k UHD with HDR video at 60 frames per second.
  • l 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless.
  • l Advanced point anywhere remote with Voice Search, Gaming, and Headphone Jack.

Which Channels Does Roku Have?

Roku available in the market about 11 years. Since 2008, Roku has about 3000 plus channels. Roku broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox can be seen on Roku’s Hulu or CBS All Access channels. Sling TV is unique, as shows Live TV. It provides to various top cable TV networks such as AMC, ESPN, TBS, HGTV, and so on. For more information on Sling TV review. There are some other top channels available on Roku.

  • l Movies and TV such as  VUDU, M-GO, Amazon, PBS, HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu TV, Sling TV, Google Play store and more.
  • l Internet channels as well as Youtube, Vimeo, Break and other channels.
  • l Plex, Roku support Plex media server with an official plex channel.
  • l About News Channel like The Blaze, Weathernation, CBS News, Fox News, Sky News, and so on.
  • l Sports channel like NFL Now, WatchESPN, WWE Network, UFC Online, MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, NHL Game Center etc.

Describes Roku Operating System Features?

Roku is a famous streaming player organization. Roku provides a user interface on all Roku versions. Roku Operating System provides cross-platform search, voice search, and other software advantages. Cross-platform search, when you search for an Actor or Title, it searches about twenty apps and all apps are available. You can access free, purchase program or have to rent. Roku cross-platform search support many channels like Amazon Video, Blockbuster On Demand, Fox Now and so on. A customer finds your favorite choice like movies, the song by voice search. The Roku mobile app is the great app that I recommend for every customer download from iTunes or Google Play store.

Roku Device regularly updates the software with new features?

Roku is the best streaming player service provider for the customer. Roku manufacturers are adding and customizing apps on their own. That allows powered by such platforms, including Roku and Android TV Sets, have the unique feature of receiving regular updates and additional apps, channels such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and so on.

As you know that Roku already updates their software from time to time. Roku provides a lot of employees to resolve your any problem only one call. All the reviewer very happy to connect with Roku TV.

Can a Roku smart TV watch you?

Yes, a customer can watch Roku smart TV. The information you share all social sharing site on a Facebook, Twitter or ordering on Netflix or Amazon on the big screen is shared. When you conduct like business on a personal computer or a smartphone. A computer engineer researchers demonstrated ways to break into particular Roku smart TVs that had built-in Video cameras and microphones. Roku companies can collect private information about you and your viewing habits from a smart TV.

How to setup your Roku Express and Express+?

Roku Express/Express+ supports resolutions up to 1080p Full HD Video. It works for any TV with an HDMI connection. Roku recommends the high-speed HDMI cable that came with your Roku Express. A customer can order additional cables from the Roku accessories store. There are following steps follow for Roku Express/Express+.

  • Firstly the customer chooses the language as your choice.
  • Connect your Roku Express/Express+ to the Internet.
  • A customer waits for your Roku Express+ to download the latest software.
  • After then going on setting option and then click Display type.
  • Create a Roku account and activate your Roku Express/Express+.
  • You can create a Roku account and activate your Roku Express/Express+
  • Successful complete Roku setup.

What is different between Smart TV Vs Roku?

Not seven days passes by where somebody doesn’t ask me, “Do I require a savvy TV to cut the line?” Unless you are looking at buying a Roku TV, at that point I would state No. Roku is particularly intended to stream TV and Movies from the Internet to your TV. That is the place the general population who influence Roku to center 100% of their endeavors. Gushing is an optional component for most TV makers.

This is obvious in relatively every Smart TV I’ve taken a gander at. The “shrewd” interface dependably feels awkward when contrasted with a spilling gadget, and none have the measure of substance accessible with a Roku gadget.

Besides, it’s substantially less expensive to overhaul a Roku than it would be a shrewd TV. On the off chance that gushing innovation were to change in the following couple of years, getting the up and coming age of Roku gadget would be considerably less expensive than purchasing another TV.

How much do you pay monthly for Roku?

Roku is the best choice for streaming services. There are 4 different Roku boxes that have just been launched. Therefore, you can choose the right box for you. These are as follows.

Roku Lt: It is the cheapest of the Roku streaming boxes. It connects to almost any TV and it has about 1,000 channels like Hulu, HBO, Netflix and so on. Roku Lt channel cost is $49.99.

Roku 1: This is better than Roku Lt but some cost increase. You can watch this box only $59.99.

Roku 2: This is much better than Roku Lt and Roku 1 box but increases cost. A customer watches this box only 79.99.

Roku 3:  It is the best and advanced Roku 3 box, a user can use for only HD TVs. It including all channels and features of the other three Roku boxes and playing games. You can purchase for one month charge of $99.99.

Which channels are free on Roku?

There are many channels available on the market. But Only Roku provides 90% channel for customer watch free of cost. Roku offers thousands of channels such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Crackle, HBO Go, Hulu, Youtube etc. Our all channels provide the best services anytime to access from anywhere as well as your choice.

Why choose Roku Streaming Player?

Roku streaming player services provide for the customer, a customer wants to stream at the good value, then the Roku is a good choice for the customer. Roku used all advanced technology and powerful processor of any new Roku devices. There are including the following functionality such as USB Storage, Optical Audio, Voice Remote, Game buttons etc.

Who Should Purchase the Roku Express or Express+ ?

If you have an older TV without an HDMI port, then the customer has only one option that is Roku Express+ as it supports older A/V cables component. Therefore, the Roku Express is perfect for those that want a wireless streaming device with no garbage. Roku express works best as a stationary streaming device. In the event that you anticipate moving your Device around to multiple TV or need to take your Roku TV for traveling, I would prescribe the Roku gushing stick.  A customer watches HD videos 1080p resolutions.

How To Add Channels To Roku?

A customer installing channels on Roku is very easy. Go to the Home, Menu scroll down to streaming player channels and click OK button on the Remote. After then navigates you to the Roku channel store. When you find channels a lot of option. Like you can use search channels to search by typing in a search team or other option available. After then navigate the arrow keys on the remote and press the OK button. You can use an app for a smartphone then installing an app before play Roku Channel.

How does the Roku Device to connect to the Internet?

The Roku Device uses either a wired ethernet connection or Wi-Fi to connect to a home network for Internet access. There are many Wi-Fi model available in the market but check that it does before you buy. For Streaming videos, some sets support the latest and fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi Standard.

If you have a larger room should also double-check their Wi-Fi coverage. If the Wi-Fi router is on the second floor and the Roku device TV is in the Basement, for example, this device set may not be able to stream video from Netflix. If your Roku Device isn’t getting enough wireless signal, you have a few options to remedy the problem. If your Router is more than 4 years old, a good Wi-Fi Router that supports 802.11ac could do the trick. The Wi-Fi range extenders are also available from companies such as Netgear, but it requires some time and patience to set up your and install now.

Can a Roku Device/TV crash or hang like a PC?

Definitely may be possible, and they do. Roku TV requires computer chips to juggle video processing, upscaling, multiple screens and Internet connection. It sets also use memory to buffer streaming video and music, needs additional processing power to deal with graphics.

A customer uses internal memory to buffer streaming movies and music, and also need additional processing power to deal with Graphics. Such as phones have become computers and have smart Roku TV. We have seen particular Apps crash or hang a smart TV. You can upgrade your Roku TV and restart this device. You can play on your smart TV.

Why is Roku Enhanced Remote not working?

If your Roku Remote is not working as expected for examples unable to control your Roku device, pressing buttons does nothing, your remote is not pairing etc.

Restart your Roku device and Remote. Remove the batteries from your remote and remove the power cable from Roku device, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the power cable. There are some steps follows to resolve your problem.

  • Repair the remote.
  • Replace the batteries.
  • Install an HDMI extension cable
  • Change the wireless channel on your router.
  • Replace the remote.

How to use Roku without Internet or Wi-Fi?

A viewer can’t access Roku without internet. It takes streaming video/media from a network source, and display through HDMI cable. But small things you can do with it without the internet or Wi-Fi.

As you know that some Roku models offer an Ethernet port, and Roku apps such as Plex allow you to stream from a Plex server on your own Ethernet network. But a user has at least initial internet access to setup your Roku in the first place. Plex server provides a lot of videos, a customer watch videos and downloads more and more.

Can you watch Hulu (not Hulu Plus) on Roku?

A customer wants to watch videos, news on the Hulu channel. So, you can follow some steps in these areas.

  • Firstly Go to Roku Home by clicking the home caught on your Remote
  • After then fetch on the Roku channel store.
  • Look down and select the Hulu Channel.
  • Select add the channel to confirm.
  • Presently, open the application.
  • After this sign in and begin to enjoy more and more entertainment.
  • For more information visit us now rokucom.org

How it Work Roku?

Roku plugs into your TV using HDMI Cable, connect from your TV to the Roku Device. You can connect through the internet via wired or wireless connection to your home network.

What is Different between Roku Vs Cable?

Roku is a most streaming device provider. This time Roku can replace cable TV, it’s a different nature. Roku cable TV is passive activity viewing. Cable TV is not better work this time because this time advanced technology used in TV and to display more effective channel HD videos. It is old version of cable TV and maximum used HDMI cable.

The Roku streaming is a much different thing. This is active viewing experience about cable TV. The content is on singular channels that you’ve chosen to be on your Roku. Roku TV a much more personalized way to watch movies. A customer seeks out what you want to watch. Roku granted there some things about research through expert if user wants to replace cable TV.


If you have any query from the above-mentioned questions and does not satisfy with an answer. Then in this condition, you can directly dial our Roku contact number 1-844-573-0162 to get the best answer about these questions. Our Roku contact number is 24*7 available to help Roku customers if they have any type of problem which is related to Roku. Our support team is also educated and have enough experience to solve any type of issues which is related to Roku.

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