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Roku is leading streaming device.Its is used for turn any TV into a Smart TV,giving you access to tons of different streaming service.Roku device are established to connect to your TV via HDMI port.When you have to connect your Roku to your TV, so you will required to activate internet connection for finding Roku code link.After that you can find and stream movies. listen music, TV shows, News,play games. You can easily watch any channel which you want to choose without paid any charge.

Follow these steps for finding Roku code link from your TV

  • Open any web browser in your system, visit
  • Enter the valid code you see on your television into the text box on the web page.
  • Now Click to Submit button.
  • payment screen will show you, Skip the payment option, so click skip buttonwhich is appear bottom of your screen.
  • Now you can select the channels that you want to link to your a
  • Afterselecting you can click on the blue continue button from the screen.
  • Finally linking your Roku to your account.
  • click on the my account You will see your Roku’s serial number show up as one of your devices under the linked devices section.

How to get new Roku link code

If you want to get Roku code link from TV but it’s not accepting it in your browser then you can click the help button to get a new code. This code will expire and should be used immediately. If you are still have same issue Roku code is unable to displayed on your television screen.So you will contact Roku customer support. Roku technical expert ready to help you. they will listen you problem and provide best solution instantly.Just dial toll-free number 1-844-573-0162. Awaiting for your call.

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