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Roku is a leading or one of the best streaming device in US that help users to watch movies, TV program listening to music. But to utilise these features first you need to activate your streaming player through Roku com link. For activating Roku streaming player first you to visit Roku activation link and then enter activation code in Roku com link enter code field. But sometimes many Roku customers face various type of trouble when they are trying to activate their Roku device. If you encounter any type of trouble in activating Roku devices like unable to enter Roku device, connection problems, then you can dial our Roku contact number to get instant help. Here we have a team trained Roku technicians who have ability to resolve any kind of Roku activation issues or other Roku issues instantly and they 24*7 ready to help customers.

How to use Roku com link enter code to set your Roku Account

During the Roku device activation process you need to go to the official Roku website through a computer or smartphone and you can enter a code for activation. There is a list of easy steps that can help you with Roku activation.

List of easy steps for Roku activation:

Follow the easy steps to activate your Roku device.

  • Set TV for connects Roku device
  • Set TV And ON the power
  • After that Roku Player Switch ON
  • Roku player is connected to the internet using a wired/ethernet cable
  • Get Activation Code appeared on your display
  • Open your Browser and visit the Roku website
  • Login your Roku account
  • Then copy Roku link code on your TV and Enter to your account
  • After entering the Roku activation code click on the submit button
  • Now the device or Roku account is activated and ready to use
  • Go to connect the device to my account and search the device linked to your account

Simple steps for Roku account PIN update

Roku account PIN helps customers in protecting their device from unauthorized access or unauthorized users. There is a list of some simple steps to create a Roku account PIN.

  • First, visit
  • After that sign in to your  Roku account with the help of username or password
  • then choose a pin preference or after that click on the  update
  •  After that generate or create 4 digit PIN or verify it
  • Then click on the save button
  • Difficulty in troubleshooting issues no display on TV
  • After this, you need a PIN to purchase or add channels

If you are unable to generate pin by following these simple step by step process, then you can contact our Roku customer support.

List of common Roku activation issue or other

Our Roku customer service team help customers in resolving any kind of issues related to a Roku device.  There is a list of some common Roku activation issue which is resolved by our Roku customer service team.

  • Wifi connectivity issue while activating during Roku com link
  • The problem in activation code s synchronization with the database
  • Roku devise connectivity issue
  • Computer or network related issue
  • Not know How to setup Roku streaming player 4k HDR
  • Difficulty in setup Roku streaming player for surrounded sound setup
  • Difficulty in Roku express or Roku express+ setup
  • The problem in Roku ultra setup
  • Difficulty in troubleshooting Roku remote issues
  • Difficulty in creating Roku account
  • Unable to get new Roku activation code or not know to get
  • Difficulty in finding Roku activation link
  • Difficulty in configuring Roku streaming stick setup
  • Not know how to add channels
  • Unable to change display or refresh rate to match the native formate of videos

Features of our Roku customer service team

If you need a human help to get a solution of any kind of Roku streaming player related issue, then you can choose our Roku customer service number. There is a list of some important features of our Roku customer service team.

  • Our technicians provide 24*7 Roku customer service
  • Our technicians are trained to resolve any kind of Roku streaming player related issues
  • You don’t need to pay any charges for calling, we provide support through a toll-free number
  • Our dedicated Roku technicians carefully listen to every Query of customers
  • Customers do not need to pay any charges for calling
  • Our Roku technicians resolve any kind of query within a few minutes
  • Our technicians have may year experience of resolving Roku streaming player or Roku activation related issues

Why you can dial our Roku helpline number

Roku directly does not provide any contact number for customers help, if you have any Roku related issue or want to get instant help. Then don’t waste your valuable time in searching solution here and there directly dial our Roku customer support number. Here we have a team of experienced Roku technicians who have many year experiences of resolving any kind of Roku issues, so here you can get the best relevant solution of any kind of Roku issues.

How to contact our Roku customer support

If you are unable to activate your Roku device through above-mentioned steps and need some human help to get an instant or best solution of your problem that you can face when you are trying to activate your Roku device. Then you can dial our toll-free Roku customer service number 1-844-573-0162 to get help from highly qualified Roku professionals. Here are our well trained certified and experienced Roku technicians are 24*7 available for your help, so you can call our Roku support team any time. Our support team listen to all your query related to Roku com link enter code carefully and provides a best suitable solution. Our Roku support team also provides support by accessing users device through a remote access, if they do not satisfy on call.

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